Global Warming Aspect

Written By Lencir Kuning on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 | 6:46 AM

Between Carbon Dioxide, Air Pollution and Global Warming

Some people think carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere are too high. They are afraid the Earth's temperature will rise, making our lives less healthy. The World Resources Institute in Washington, D.C., says electric utility companies, industries, businesses, homes, and transportation are the major reasons that carbon dioxide levels build up in our atmosphere.

In this experiment , you will :
  • Observe the effects of carbon dioxide gas.
  • Test for the presence of carbon dioxide gas.
  • Compare concentrations of carbon dioxide gas.
  • Recognize that high levels of carbon dioxide gas are unhealthy to people & animals.
Break into small groups.  Each group will need to gather the following materials :
  • Matches                         •  Baking soda           
  • Vinegar                           •  One Candle (that can stand on its own)
  • A Drinking straw            •  A Round balloon
  • Two clear narrow glasses or beakers
During the day, the sun's light causes particles in the atmosphere to move rapidly, creating heat due to friction. Normally, heat is given off from the planet by long infrared rays that travel through the Earth’s atmosphere and discharge deep into space.  With increased levels of carbon dioxide, the trapped heat cannot escape because the infrared waves are too large. This causes a rise in the atmospheric temperature on Earth known as the greenhouse effect. Some scientists fear that a significant rise in temperature will disrupt weather patterns, cause polar icecaps to melt, and release more water into the ocean. This increase in water level could cause at least two things to happen, including:
  1. A diluting (lowering) of the ocean's saline (salt) concentrations, which would threaten marine species,
  2. Flooding of coastal areas that border the oceans, where much of the world’s populations live.
Carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere build as more trees are lost to overly zealous forestry practices.  As more trees, which take up and absorb carbon dioxide, are lost, coupled with the increased production of carbon dioxide by the burning of fossil fuels (oil, coal, wood) in power plants, machinery, automobiles and fireplaces, carbon dioxide buildup is compounded.

Experiment : (1) Light the candle; (2) Mix vinegar and baking soda in a glass or beaker;  (3) Tilt the glass or beaker over the burning candle.(Do not let the liquid run out). What happens? (4)    Insert the straw into the neck of the balloon; (5) Mix vinegar and baking soda again; (6) Put the straw (attached to the balloon) in the space above the vinegar and baking soda. What happens this time?

What is the name of the gas that people and animals exhale?

What gas goes into the air/atmosphere when we run automobiles, fireplaces or power plants? Think of ways people can decrease the amount of carbon dioxide going into the air (without stopping breathing of course!!).

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